The Brand Story

BollandRava is the soul of 2 designer, the essence of their lifetime, in permanent research of new experience and emotions.
Their idea is to offer their feeling and vision of the perfect wardrobe to continue to travel the world wearing the ultimate iconic item, mirror of their own philosophy and personality.
 Bertrand Boll and Guillaume Rava both meet during their studies while they are gathered by a common friend around the project of a french fashion brand. Quickly they get on together and become a young duo into the fashion world, creating collections for few different high hand french and swiss brands and meet few notable success.
 As Art director and designers, the duo is constantly travelling around the world, first to accomplish their job and always looking for new materials and façonnier with unique craftsmanship knowledge, and secondly by love of travelling and getting inspired by new people, new places, new culture.
 The idea is born in 2105, and they presented their first travelling suit, on the french national TV chanel BFM, they explaining that after they had received compliment during their travel about their own style, they decided to create their own line of clothes, for travellers.
The will is  to create the perfect garments (according to their taste and philosophy) to fit for a 48 hours trip with a cabin Trolley.
 Then the concept is born, a nice blazer with luxurious wool (including anti shrinkage treatment), a beautiful shirt made by Thomas Mason white Popeline with anti-sweat patch under armhole, a nice document holder in crocodile from the highest craftsmanship in Italy around Milano, a chic cashmere jogging pants and a light cashmere & silk scarf when air conditioned is too cold in plane.
The perfect wardrobe to travel, being chic, unique and comfortable.